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Magnets & Electricity

Magnets & Electricity

  4th Grade Science Standards

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Magnets & Electricity -

1f 1.  How do magnets work?
1b,f 2.  How does a compass work?
1c,d 3.  What is an electromagnet?
4. Static Electricity - Why do I get shocked when I touch a doorknob?
1a 5.  What are conductors and insulators?
1g 6.  What is a parallel circuit and a simple series?
  7.  Electricity and Magnetism Test

BrainPop Static Electricity

Physical Sciences

  1. Electricity and magnetism are related effects that have many useful applications in everyday life. As a basis for understanding this concept:
    1. Students know how to design and build simple series and parallel circuits by using components such as wires, batteries, and bulbs.
    2. Students know how to build a simple compass and use it to detect magnetic effects, including Earth's magnetic field.
    3. Students know electric currents produce magnetic fields and know how to build a simple electromagnet.
    4. Students know the role of electromagnets in the construction of electric motors, electric generators, and simple devices, such as doorbells and earphones.
    5. Students know electrically charged objects attract or repel each other.
    6. Students know that magnets have two poles (north and south) and that like poles repel each other while unlike poles attract each other.
    7. Students know electrical energy can be converted to heat, light, and motion.


Week of Standard Lesson Pages
10/2   Solutions & Mixtures  
10/9 1f Magnets p. C46-C47
10/16 1b,f Compasses & Earths Magnetic Field p. C48-C49
10/23 1c,d Electromagnets p. C52-C57
 10/30  1e  Static Electricity  p. C34-C37
 11/6  1a  Conductors & Insulators  p. C40-C41
 11/13  1a  Series & Parallel Circuits  p. C42
 11/20  R 1.6    Multiple Meaning Words  
 11/27    Review & Test of physical science  




Matter & Electricity



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