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Circuits and Electricity

Students know how to design and build simple series and parallel circuits by using components such as wires, batteries, and bulbs.

1.  Review

Last week you learned about conductors and insulators.

Conductors are things that allow heat and electricity to easily pass through them.


Insulators are things that do not allow heat and electricity to easily pass through them.

Click here to take a review quiz.


2.  What are the 2 things you need to make electricity flow?

You can make a light come on with a flick of a switch, but how does that work?   Click on Simple Circuits to find the answer.  Draw a picture of a simple circuit.

Click here to see how a switch closes and opens a circuit.

Click here to see an animation to show a series circut

Click here to watch a brainpop movie about circuits and electricity.


3.  Now Try This


Now click here to take a little quiz on what you just learned.


4.  What happens if you change a circuit?

If you add more lights to a circuit will it change anything? 

How about adding more batteries, will that change anything? 

Click on Blobz Guide to circuits to find the answer.

Let's review what electricity is and how it works by watching a brainpop movie about electricity

5.  What is a parallel circuit?

Now you know that if you add more lights to a series circuit, they will not be as bright.  There is a way to add more lights and still keep them the same brightness, you can use a parallel circuit.  A parallel circuit has another advantage, if 1 bulb burns out, the other bulbs will still keep working. 

How does a parallel circuit work?  Click here to find out.


Draw a picture of a parallel circuit.  Click on How to Wire a Circuit for help.


6. More Links

Still not sure about how circuits work?  Here are more links that you can use to help you learn about electrical circuits.

BrainPop Electricity

BBC Beginning Circuits

BBC Circuits and conductors

BBC changing circuits





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Click on ReviseWise Circuits to see what kinds of series circuits will light the bulb.