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Plants and Animals

Standard 3c Students know many plants depend on animals for pollination and seed dispersal, and animals depend on plants for food and shelter

1. Plants and animals

The Earth is covered with different kinds of plants and animals.  Wherever you find plant life you will also find animal life.  They need each other to survive. 
Can you think of a way that plants help animals survive?

Can you think of a way that animals help plants survive?

2. What is pollination?

Pollination is the transfer of pollen so that plants can make seeds.   To learn more about pollen click on this link

Watch a brainpop movie about pollination

Explain how a flower and a hummingbird help each other

Click on this link to see some common pollinators.



3. What is seed dispersal?

Once a plant has been pollinated it can make seeds that can become new plants, but the seeds have to disperse before they can grow.  

Dispersal means scattering or moving the seeds.  


How do animals disperse seeds?  Click on this link for the answer.

Here is a game where you try to guess how different seeds are dispersed

4. What is a living organism?

A living organism is anything that is alive.  Everything from a microscopic germ to a huge elephant is a living organism.


5. Now try this

Which of the following describes how a living organism can help in the pollination of one type of flowering plant?

  insects crawl from the stamens of the plant bringing pollen to pistils of another type of plant.
  burrowing mammals dig up the plants and leave them to root in a new place
bees fly from one flower to another flower of the same type, moving pollen from stamens to pistils

For which of the following do many plants depend on animals?

seed dispersal

Which of the following lists something that animals cannot depend directly on plants to provide?

  food and some water 
  the animal's life cycle
a place to hide from predators and escape the hot sun