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Desert Ecosystems

Standard 3a Students know ecosystems can be characterized by their living and nonliving components.

Standard 3b Students know that in any particular environment, some kinds of plants and animals survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all.



1. What is a desert like ?



Deserts are very dry.  They have hot days and cold nights. 

We live close to the Mojave Desert.

Click to see BrainPop Jr. Desert Habitat



2. What kinds of animals live there?

Desert food web

Some herbivores that live on the prairie are:

  Black-tailed Jack Rabbit
Tortoise desert bighorn sheep mule deer jackrabbit

Here is a link for more Mojave Desert herbivores

But there are also carnivores:

roadrunner coyote rattlesnake bobcat

Here is a link for more Mojave Desert carnivores

Here is a link for Mojave Desert plants

3. What are some special features of desert life?


Desert plants are different from plants in other ecosystems because they have to live and grow with very little water.  Plants have shallow roots so that they can soak up any rain that falls in this dry environment.

Plants store water in their stems and have sharp needles that keep animals from eating them to get their water.



  Most desert animals are nocturnal, that means they hunt for food at night when it's cooler.

Many desert animals fur, feathers, or skin is light in color because the light color reflects the hot desert sun

Why does a desert tortoise spend most of its life underground?

  It's trying to stay cool
  It's trying to stay warm
It's hiding from other tortoises

4. Can you make a desert food chain?

Use this link to help you make a food chain


Desert - very hot all year with very little rain.  Plants and animals are adapted to conserving water. What's it like where you live deserts






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