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Conductors & Insulators

Students know electrically charged objects attract or repel each other

g. Students know electrical energy can be converted to heat, light, and motion.


1. Review

Last week you learned about static electricity. 
  • Static electricity is a type of energy that is made when something has too many electrons or protons.

What happens to atoms that lose some electrons, so that it has more protons than electrons?

  It explodes
  It has a negative charge
It has a positive charge

If two objects both have a negative charge what will they do?

  They will attract toward each other
  They will repel away from each other
They will do nothing

2. What are Conductors and Insulators?

 You may remember these words when you learned the properties of metals.

*A conductor is something that lets heat and electricity go through it.

Think of a hot summer day.  You sit on a shiny metal slide, OUCH! It's very hot and burns your legs! The slide is made of metal, it is a good conductor.


*An insulator is something that does not let heat and electricity go through it easily. 

If you slide down a plastic slide, like on our playground, it is very warm, but it will not burn you like a metal slide.  Plastic is a good insulator.


3. What are some examples of  conductors and insulators?

To learn about how conductors and insulators work with electricity,  click on  ReviseWise Conductors and Insulators.  Write down examples of good conductors and insulators.

4. A little more practice

Try this game and see if you can match all the conductors and insulators.  QUIA Match the conductors and insulators

 5. Challenge Question

After you have tried the Who Can Resist Game, here is your challenge question.  Why do you think a pickle would conduct electricity?  Here's a hint, try looking at your list of conductors.


6. How does this work with electricity?

To see how conductors work with electricity, try playing the BBC Circuits game.  See what causes the light bulb to light up.

7. How is electricity used?

Electricity can be changed into 3 things:

Heat Light Motion

Can you think of other examples?



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