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Elements & Compounds


b. all matter is made of atoms, which may combine to form molecules
d. each element is made of one kind of atom. These elements are organized in the Periodic Table by their chemical properties.


1.  Atoms & Molecules Review

Last week you learned about atoms and molecules.

Which of these is true?

  All atoms are alike
  Atoms are made of molecules
All matter is made of atoms

What do scientists use to view atoms?

  magnifying glass
  electron microscope 

When atoms rearrange to make a new product it is a ___

  physical change
  chemical change



2.  What is an element?

You know that atoms are the building blocks for everything.  There are over 100 different kinds of atoms.  These different kinds of atoms are called ELEMENTS.

An Element is made up of one kind of atom.

For example - Oxygen is made of oxygen atoms; helium is made of helium atoms.

3.  What's a periodic table?

The periodic table is a table that shows all the elements grouped by their weight and properties. 

Remember - a property tells you what it looks or acts like. 

4.  Get To Know The Periodic Table

Let's play tic tac toe with the periodic table.  Click on Proton Don and choose tutorial and common elements.  Play Proton Don and place a marker on each element you click.  If you get 3 in the same row or column by the end of the game, you win!  

5.  Elements Have Families

The periodic table groups elements that have similar properties, like melting point, or how easily they conduct electricity, into columns and rows.

The elements that are similar have the same colored background, they are in the same family. 

6.  Which Family?

Use your periodic table to find the family these elements belong to -

1. Nickel (Ni)

2. Carbon (C)

3. Chlorine (Cl)


4. Silicon (Si)

5. Sodium (Na)

6. Copper (Cu)  


7.  Show What You Know

Use your periodic table look at the elements in the last column.  How many are there? 
These are all in the same family and have a special name.  They are called Nobel Gases. Since they are all gases they have a lot in common. 

Which do you think they have in common?

  do not change shape easily
  colorless and invisible
have surface tension


Click here to see a periodic table


8.  What is a compound?

A compound is 2 or more different elements that are combined or put together.

9.  How does that work?

Each element has its own symbol of 1 or 2 letters. 

carbon fibre


For example - the letter C is the symbol of carbon.  The element carbon is made of carbon atoms.
liquid oxygen The letter O is the symbol of oxygen.  The element oxygen is made of oxygen atoms.


Oxygenliquid oxygen and Carboncarbon fibre are elements because they are each made of only 1 kind of atom.  You can combine elements to create a COMPOUND molecule.

For example - you can combine carbon (C) and oxygen (O) and you will create carbon dioxide (remember, that's what we exhale)

Carbon dioxide is NOT an element because it is made of 2 different kinds of atoms. 
Carbon dioxide's symbol is CO2

Which of these is a compound?




10. Can you answer these questions about this compound?

Look at the model of CO2

How many atoms are there in one CO2 molecule?

Which color represents the carbon element?

What does the 2 mean in CO2?


11.  Now Try This

Now try this test



Draw a picture or write about what you have learned.


more molecules to look at

Click here to download a color periodic table

Click here to download a color your own periodic table

WebElements Periodic Table



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