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Introduction to Space

5. The solar system consists of planets and other bodies that orbit the Sun in predictable paths.


1.  What is the Solar System?

What is the solar system?  It is our Sun and EVERYTHING that travels around it.

Click here to learn more.


2.  What are the things you would find in our solar system?

There are a lot of things in our solar system: 8 planets, moons, 1 star, comets and asteroids.  Not sure what all those things are... keep reading to find out more!

What star in our solar system can you see during the day? 


3. What is the Sun?

Twinkle, Twinkle little sun?  What's your favorite link?That's right, the Sun is actually a star! So when you look up at night and see a sky full of twinkling stars, you are actually seeing lots and lots of suns that are very far away The sun you see every day is the only star in our solar system. It is in the center of our solar system and everything else travels around it.

Even though the Sun is bigger than anything else in our solar system, it is only an average size star.  There are stars (suns) in other solar systems that are much bigger and some that are much smaller.

4. What is the Sun made of?

We see the sun everyday and we know that it gives us light and heat, but what is it made of?

Click here to find out

Click here to see a close up view of the sun.  After looking at the picture, what words would you use to describe the sun.


5. Asteroids and Comets

When you think of things in space you probably think about the Sun, the Moon and the planets, but what about asteroids and comets? 

What is an asteroid and where would you find them? Click here to find out

Click here to see a picture of a real asteroid.


What is a comet and where would you find them? Click here to find out

Click here to see a photograph of the Hale Bopp comet

6. What Does Orbit Mean?

While learning about objects in space, you may have noticed the word ELLIPTICAL ORBIT.  The planets orbit the Sun; what does that mean?

To see an animation of elliptical orbits click here.  Be patient, it may load slowly.  Try clicking on the asteroid belt, outer planets and comets to see their elliptical orbit.  

What do they all orbit around?



7. Why Do They Orbit Instead Of Flying Away?

Gravity is what causes the planets to orbit the sun.  Why doesn't the sun orbit the planets?  The simple answer has to do with size.  The bigger or denser something is, the more gravity it has.  The Sun is the biggest thing in our solar system, so it pulls everything toward it. 


To find out why the planets don't get pulled into the sun, Click here to experiment with the force of gravity.

8. Did you know-

Earth isn't the only planet with a moon.  Other planets have many moons. 

These moons are sometimes called SATELLITES.  A satellite is anything that orbits something else. 


9. Now Try This

Try to build the solar system



10. Draw a picture of things in the solar system.

helpful link

Solar system

11. What do you know?


Click here to take a little quiz.

When you're finished, click here to see LOTS of cool pictures of things in space



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