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Changes in Matter

f. differences in chemical and physical properties of substances are used to separate mixtures and identify compounds.
g. properties of solid, liquid, and gaseous substances, such as sugar (C6H12O6), water (H2O) helium (He), oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2),and carbon dioxide (CO2).

1. Properties of Matter Review

Last week you learned - 
  • matter is anything that has mass and takes up space
  • there are three states of matter - solid, liquid and gas
  • each state of matter has properties that describe how it looks and acts

Quick Check -

Click the box that is a property of a solid

  is invisible
  becomes the shape of the container it is in
does not change shape easily

Click the box that is a property of a liquid

  is invisible
  becomes the shape of the container it is in
does not change shape easily


2. Can Matter Change?

Matter can change in different ways.  There are physical changes and chemical changes.

Some matter can change states.  That means some matter can change from a solid to a liquid, or from a liquid to a gas.

3. What is a Physical Change?

If you change something physically, it may look, act, or feel different, but it is still the same thing.  The molecules haven't changed.  For example, if you tear a piece of paper it looks different, but it is still a piece of paper.  That is a physical change.  

  An ice cube, a solid, becomes a liquid when it melts.  You can take the liquid and turn it back into a solid by freezing it.  The change is reversible. It is a different state, but it is still water.  This is called a PHYSICAL CHANGE.    The state has changed, but it is still the same thing - water.

Click on the picture and then click on the number 8

4. Take a Guess

When a physical change of state happens the molecules stay the same, but they change the amount of space they take up.  Which takes up more space, frozen water (solid) or liquid water (liquid)? 

Click here to see if you're right.

5. What is a Chemical Change?

Matter can also change and become something completely different, that is called a CHEMICAL CHANGE.  A chemical change is irreversible; that means it cannot change back. 

Think about baking a cake.  The batter is a liquid mixture of flour, sugar, water and other ingredients.  When you heat it in the oven, the batter turns into a yummy solid.  You cannot change it back into flour, sugar, water and the other ingredients.  The batter has made a chemical change that is irreversible and it has become something new.

BrainPop - Difference between chemical and physical changes


6. Now Try This


7. Are You a Quiz Wiz?

Try taking this test be patient, it loads slowly..



8. Melting Points

Click to visit the Atom's Family website and try changing the state of water.

 After you've experimented with different solids, liquids and gases exit the window and answer these questions.

  • What happens to the molecules as the temperature changes?

  • Do all solids melt at the same temperature?


Molecule Chamber Molecule Chamber Molecule Chamber




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