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Separating Materials

Standard f. Differences in chemical and physical properties of substances are used to separate mixtures and identify compounds.

1. Elements & Compounds Review

Last week you learned about the periodic table- 


An element is ____

  A tool used to see atoms
  More than one kind of atom
One kind of atom

Which of these is a compound?


Elements are arranged on the periodic table by ____

  Alphabetical Order
  Similar properties


2. Separating Materials

This lesson is about the different ways you can separate materials.  You know that a physical change can be reversed.  If you mix 2  different things together, like adding salt (NaCl) to water (H2O), that is a physical change.  It can be reversed.  You can figure out how to reverse it by using the properties of matter.  Let's see how that works.

3. Words You Need To Know


There are 3 words you need to know: dissolve, soluble, and insoluble.

1. Click here and then click on the number 5 

Answer this question -

What does dissolving mean?


Click on Revisewise and read the information on the first 4 screens. 

What does soluble mean?

How do you separate soluble materials?

What does insoluble mean?

How do you separate insoluble materials?

4. So How do you separate water from salt?

To separate a liquid from a solid in a solution:

Evaporate the liquid.  This turns the liquid into a gas.  Once all the liquid has evaporated, the salt, which is a solid, will be left in the container.

The gas will rise and hit the cold surface above.  When the hot gas molecules touch the cold surface it will condense the gas and the molecules turn from a gas back into a liquid.

5. Try It!

Click here to experiment with separating different mixtures.


6. Now Try This

Click here and try finding the different tools that are used to separate other substances from mixtures.


7. One More Game

separating materials game






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