Fremont Elementary

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  Animal Riddles  


Ms. Bright's  after school magnet class researched animals that live in the United States.  We made a guessing game out of the information we learned about our animals for our key pals in England. 


To play the game, read the list of animals below.

Alligator Beaver Bobcat Deer Fox
Grizzly Bear Jaguar Mountain Lions Otter Polar Bear
Porcupine Raccoon Rattle Snake Sea Lion Timber Wolf

Read the descriptions and when you think you know the answer, click on the applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) next to the description to check you answer.


applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) It weighs 50 pounds. It has a scaly black tail. It carries branches to build dams. The feet are large, webbed and black

Clues and research by Jaquiline

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) They are 23 - 39 inches long including a 7 - 9 inch tail.  They are up to 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 15 - 28 pounds.  They are black with yellowish quills.  The quills are stiff with a foam like core and tips that are barbed like a fish hook.  The quills are 2 - 4 inches long and loosely attach to their back.  they eat plants and flowers.

Clues and research by Noel

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) This is a very big animal.It weighs 224 to 712 pounds.They are six to seven feet tall when standing upright and stand to 3.5 feet at the shoulder.  The head is massive and it has inconspicuous ears.

Clues and research by Enrique

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) This animal is fury. This animal is an endangered species. You can not sneak up on this animal.  This animal is an animal that can bite really hard. This animal is ferocious.  This animal has a tail and does not lay eggs.  This animal's name has two words in it and the first word is a synonym for wood or lumber.   It's a social animal, living in a family group or pack.

Clues and research by Brent

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) This animal is a large cat.  It lives in the mountains.  It is very vicious and weighs up to 250 pounds.  It is very light colored and eats meat and fish.

Clues and research by Preston

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) This animal is one of the most venomous creatures.  The average length is 3 - 4 feet.  It hibernates in late November 'til early June.  It is cold-blooded and lays 9 - 10 eggs.  When it is threatened, it makes a noise by shaking its tail.

Clues and research by Kenneth

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) They live on land and water.  They eat snails, rats, and fish.   When the temperature gets very hot, they hunt mainly at night.  They live in fresh water streams and also in warm wet lands.  They lay 10 - 50 eggs.  There skin has bumpy scales and it's greenish or sometimes black and brown.  They make their nests between July and August.

Clues and research by Jimmy

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) It has a big bushy tail.  It walks on four legs and has big eyes.  It has a pointy nose.People think there sly.  They eat meat and weigh up to 16 pounds.  They live in the woods.

Clues and research byAndres

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) This animal is black and white and likes to hibernate.  They like to dig in the trash cans and eat the trash.  This animal has a mask over their eyes and ears.   They use their forepaws to eat.  Their ears are white and gray.  They are 23-41 inches long and weigh 40lb.

Clues and research by Ashley

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) The size is 8 to 6 ft in length and weighs 600 lbs.  The color is pewter brown.  It lives in the sea and on land.  They have well developed flippers front and back,with a small head big body.  They eat fish.  They have whiskers.

Clues and research by Denver

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) It weighs 15-35 pounds and is a wild cat.  They hunt alone and they eat rabbits, rodents and birds.  They have sharp claws to climb to get to prey.   Their fur is gray, light brown and white.

Clues and research by Joel

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) They live on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.  They spend a lot of time floating on their backs, they eat while floating on their backs and put their food on their stomach.  They use rocks to crush the hard shells of clams and muscles so that they can eat them.  They have poor water vision.  They also eat squid.   They have long, slick, bodies to help them swim fast.  They mate, sleep, groom, hunt, give birth, rest, and play in the ocean.

Clues and research by Rebecca

applesm2.gif (1027 bytes) They are sort of black and brown. They eat plants.  They have four legs.  They weigh 220 pounds.  They live in the United States.  When they are born, they have white spots that disappear when they grow up.  Some of them have antlers. The male have antlers. They use them for protection.

Clues and research by Amanda